Study for an Album Cover

 2009-2010 – This draft was prepared for musician and composer Neo Muyanga as a possible cover for a forthcoming guitar album.  Neo’s music “plays along the boundaries of the crafted and the improvised – songs made become songs found. the music is hybridized – the traditional and the electric. music in transformation – sound as median between thought and practice“. The resulting collage shows the musician as a conjuror of worlds, reflecting the eclecticism of the musical references, tales and speculations he draws on. The work is a 210 x 270mm digital collage of magazine cut-outs.

About Maria GC Aragão

Architect, part-time lecturer, external examiner. I am interested in spaces of collective memory, the visual arts and architecture’s potential to enable change. I practice at the intersection between meaning, aesthetics and commerce. As an external examiner I look to architecture as an act of translation

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