Portfolio highlight: Cardboard House by S+P

Whilst a student intern at the Australian firm Stutchbury + Pape Architecture | Landscape Architecture in 2004, I was fortunate enough to be part of the team involved in researching and conceptualizing a residential prototype made of paper / cardboard, as part of the Houses of the Future – YBE2004 exhibition. Click on the image to find out more about the project. [This panel is part of my print portfolio, which is now complete. Take a look at other sample pages here, or contact me should you wish to view the complete portfolio.]

About Maria GC Aragão

Architect, Quality Systems Controller. Founder and Principal of A OFICINA - Design e Arquitetura, E.I., a micro design and architecture studio based in Maputo that executes projects and idea-things. I practice at the intersection between meaning, aesthetics and commerce. As an external examiner of university student work, I look to architecture as an act of translation. I am currently furthering my knowledge in M&E and Quality Management in order to integrate multidisciplinary teams and benefit others through transfer of skills learnt in the building industry.

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