Competition II: Building Envelope for Housing Scheme

12 USE
With Nelia Fassen and Joanne Stranack
In my first week at Stauch Vorster Architects (Cape Town) in early June, we had an in-house competition to tackle a new low-cost housing development out in Belhar, Western Cape. The spatial arrangement of the units was by then nearly finalized, so the challenge was to focus on the building envelope, and how to create an environment that is inviting and appealing to the residents, as well as indicative of a “home”. Our team’s guiding principles were: assigning an identity [what makes a dwelling?], facilitating precinct navigation [colour, scale, geometry] and responding to climate & use [rain-water catchment, durability of materials].

5 ID 9 NAV 10 NAV

About Maria GC Aragão

Architect, Quality Systems Controller. Founder and Principal of A OFICINA - Design e Arquitetura, E.I., a micro design and architecture studio based in Maputo that executes projects and idea-things. I practice at the intersection between meaning, aesthetics and commerce. As an external examiner of university student work, I look to architecture as an act of translation. I am currently furthering my knowledge in M&E and Quality Management in order to integrate multidisciplinary teams and benefit others through transfer of skills learnt in the building industry.

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