Temporal Horizon (Absent Body)


 Manuel Amado, Terrace with Chair II (1992), 73x100cm, Oil on canvas. Image source: Artist’s website / http://www.manuelamado.com (sourced on 5/10/2016)

There is a presence in the painting, an absent body.
The chair as body, replacing the body who paints.
The chair as protagonist, centre stage, made alive by the vibrant red, brighter than blood, living.
The absent body will appear later, when the worst of the heat has passed. Having set the stage, it will occupy the chair.
Later still, it will approach the balcony wall, to better contemplate the sky and the ocean, the chair’s indifferent blue kingdom.
Work in progress, from my next micro-publication looking at artworks that inspire thoughts and feelings in me, about the body. Another way of looking at the self in space, of thinking the body into and as being.

About Maria GC Aragão

Architect, part-time lecturer, external examiner. I am interested in spaces of collective memory, the visual arts and architecture’s potential to enable change. I practice at the intersection between meaning, aesthetics and commerce. As an external examiner I look to architecture as an act of translation

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