Mrashmallows in the sky

The façade treatment of this building stands out as being less common in Maputo, for an apartment bock. The balconies project outward, instead of the more common recessing or “voiding”  (as in the building on right side). They are also curved, rather than square, which is prevalent throughout the city. Upon closer inspection, the curved balconies have a down-stand that shields the cooling units of air-conditioning from view, as well as  providing a minimum of protection to the access doors on the floor below. In this way, the architect has guaranteed maximum graphic impact for those differentiating balconies. The pink paint exaggerates the “popping”effect of the balconies too. I estimate it was built in the 1970’s. Located on Av. Julius Nyerere.



About Maria GC Aragão

Architect, Quality Systems Controller. Founder and Principal of A OFICINA - Design e Arquitetura, E.I., a micro design and architecture studio based in Maputo that executes projects and idea-things. I practice at the intersection between meaning, aesthetics and commerce. As an external examiner of university student work, I look to architecture as an act of translation. I am currently furthering my knowledge in M&E and Quality Management in order to integrate multidisciplinary teams and benefit others through transfer of skills learnt in the building industry.

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