About Me

                       Maria Gabriela Carrilho Aragão

                                       PArch (SACAP), BArch (UCT), BAS (UCT)
Architect, part-time lecturer, external examiner (UCT – BAS 3).
I am interested in spaces of collective memory, the visual arts and architecture’s potential to enable change. I practice at the intersection between meaning, aesthetics and commerce. As an external examiner I look to architecture as an act of translation. Read my complete CV here.

One comment

  1. Albert van Jaarsveld

    Look forward to seeing more of her work. It is inspiring to see so much creativity in practice and that is testament to Maria’s ability to see beauty in the everyday. She understands that value in Architecture lies beyond the superficiality of the surface. Maria supports the shared values of the collective rather than the all too ubiquitous media driven culture of the individual. She is an analytical teacher with an ability to provide her students with clear guidance. Her work has great integrity and is testament to a compassionate soul.

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